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Why Blackjack Players Must Avoid Internet Sweepstakes Cafes

November 14th, 2012 by Site Admin

Blackjack players ought to beware of Internet sweepstakes outlets in the US because they have been found to steal business worth $1 billion from legal gambling operations while offering very little to players.

The US government has clearly stated that Internet sweepstakes are illegal, do not comply with US gaming laws, are not licensed, and hide behind sweepstakes laws.

Operators of these illegal gambling businesses establish a front Internet cafes and phone booths, where people can make calls or use the Internet at low prices. Whenever customers purchase the services, he or she is automatically entered into a sweepstakes. Usually, customers are required to make purchases of at least $1 to get entered into a sweepstake, and in most cases, customers can get as many as 100 entries. If they win, customers are informed immediately and asked to use any of the computers to play blackjack or online casino games, which are of such poor quality that players can see only animations instead of real graphics.

These illegal businesses not only cheat the government of tax money, but also create a lot of problems such as underage gambling and problem gambling, which is why the US government has decided to weed them out.

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