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Under the Table Blackajck Should be Avoided

May 15th, 2012 by Site Admin

Recent news reports revealed that authorities had apprehended a gang of illegal gamblers and sports bettors in New Jersey. The gambling gang had illegally wagered and transacted with funds ranging to an amount of $2.2 billion.

The lawyers for these gang members and illegal bettors are not even willing to divulge their fee amounts. However, since it is believed that the attorneys are in fact to be paid from funds garnered through illegal gambling, the judge in charge of the case has made it a requisition that the lawyers disclose the amount of their compensation.

Simultaneously, just like there are illegal gambling and sports betting gangs, there are blackjack gangs that target casinos and unsuspecting players.

These blackjack gangs are not to be mistaken for blackjack teams as the gangs tend to get violent. For instance, blackjack players who get involved in illegal casino gambling and made wagers and lost, found that they owed big monies to mobsters and loan sharks. In such cases, blackjack players who are unable to make their payments on time or lose bets and have to pay up may find themselves in very difficult situations.

In most cases, blackjack players found owing these loan sharks money will be required to pay back the amount along with high rates of interest. In case of failing to pay the mobsters on time, some players were found injured or even dead. In these cases, perhaps it is better to stick to online blackjack.

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