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To Split Tens or Not to Split Them in Blackjack

October 11th, 2012 by Site Admin

John Grochowski, a news writer, described poker tips given to him by a blackjack player. According to him blackjack strategy is something that should be adapted to suit your table and game play. For instance, standard blackjack strategy advises players not to split tens and most players do follow this. However, Grochowski’s blackjack contact often opts to split his tens if faced with the dealer’s hand of a face up six.

“With a 20 against a 6, I have an advantage. But I also have an advantage with a 10 against a 6. And when I have an advantage, I have to take full advantage by getting my money on the table, right? The way to increase my bet and maximize my advantage is to split the pair,” he said.

However, it must be noted that the 20 is a far stronger hand than a 10 and it is not a good idea to split it, unless your luck is going really well for you.

When a player begins with a 20 – he is looking at taking an average of $70 for every $100 that he spends betting. Yet, when the player splits his tens and faces a dealer’s six, his profits stand to drop to a win of $43 for every $100 spent.

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