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PPA Releases a Congressional Ratings Guide for Upcoming Election

September 26th, 2012 by Site Admin

The Poker Players Alliance has released a guide for voters for the upcoming elections. The PPA has tracked all members of Congress and the Senate. They have assigned a grade between A to F to each lawmakers on how likely they are to support online poker legislation.

According to their findings, fewer lawmakers are opposed to regulating online poker than in the previous couple of years. The PPA only gave a failing grade to about 10% of current lawmakers.

However, the movement away from opposition to online poker does not necessarily indicate that the landscape for online gaming is improving. The support for online gaming as a whole may be declining as well. The PPA has given fewer As and Bs to current lawmakers. This makes it more difficult for online poker advocates to determine who they should vote for in the upcoming Congressional election.

When the PPA released the same report during the 2010 Congressional election, 8 lawmakers were assigned a letter grade of C. The PPA has assigned that grade to 87 lawmakers this year. In addition, the number of lawmakers the PPA has classified as wild cards has doubled.

However, vice president Rich Muny has stipulated that much of the change is that the PPA has used much stricter standards in their rankings. Overall, Muny appears to be encouraged by the new ratings. He said that the real goal of the PPA has been to reduce opposition to online gaming. The findings published in the Congressional Ratings Guide have shown that more lawmakers are opening up to the idea of legalizing online poker at the federal level.

Some congressmen who were staunch opponents to online poker in 2010 now have a more neutral perspective. Texas Republican Senator Cornyn was given an F in the previous guide. However, the PPA isn’t sure how he would be likely to vote on a new bill at this time, because he has since opened up the idea.

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