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Player Versus Player Blackjack Launched a

September 20th, 2012 by Site Admin

Blackjack enthusiasts can now avail of a brand new variant of blackjack called Player Versus Player, which is available at vsJack.com.

According to vsJack, which is trying to free the game of blackjack from casinos, online as well as offline, this is the best variant of online blackjack the industry has come up with. When players play blackjack at vsJack, they are not playing against the house; instead, they are playing against other blackjack players like themselves. Since players are encouraged to match their wits against other players, the game reminds them of poker. However, only time can tell if the variant will become popular.

Since there is no house to play against, the players at the blackjack table have to be the bank in turns, but there are no special rules for dealers. This means that the player who becomes the dealer can make any move required to win.

An entire set of new blackjack strategies need to be developed to improve one’s odds of winning Player Versus Player Blackjack. The variant requires players to have excellent mathematical skills and know basic blackjack strategy. Simultaneously, they must learn to analyze opponent behavior too because it can influence their own game in a big way.

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