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Myspace Cofounder Invests in Future of Online Gaming

June 27th, 2012 by Site Admin

Myspace may have fallen off the face of the earth, but that hasn’t stopped co-founder Tom Anderson from planning his next move. According to new reports from Card Player, his next career move may be in online poker. Anderson is clearly optimistic that online gaming will be legal in the United States in the near future.

Anderson has invested in RocketFrog, a new social gaming platform. RocketFrog launched a Facebook application last week and has already become a popular platform. Founder Brett Calapp felt that there would be a strong market for his startup after the Justice Department changed its position on online gaming six months ago. As the cofounder of Centurion Games, Callap is an experienced player in the online gaming industry. He is confident that he has found a strong market and can reach enough customers to generate some real cash flow.

RocketFrog customers will have the option of playing for real-world prizes. No other social gaming firm offers such an opportunity. While it builds its user base, RocketFrog will be monetizing itself with advertising from a variety of businesses.

Anderson feels that RocketFrog has many bright prospects ahead of itself. Calapp has taken him on as an adviser and he will be looking for new ways to help RocketFrog grow its subscriber base.

Anderson and Callap recognize that real money gambling may never be allowed on Facebook. However, the firm does allow third-party companies to sell virtual goods in services. Zynga has created a similar arrangement with Facebook in exchange for a 30% share of revenues. Callap is confident that his revenue model will be equally successful.

In an interview with Venture Beat reporters, Callup said “RocketFrog will expand our social gaming community to include many new players who could not fathom the idea of playing for nothing, but are ecstatic about the opportunity to play for gift cards from top brands, new albums from their favorite artists, or a ticket to the movies.”

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