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MIT Blackjack Player Should Not Visit Caesars

November 9th, 2012 by Site Admin

Tsao, an ex player on the famous MIT Blackjack Team as described in the movie 21 and in the book “Bringing Down the House” was arrested and had to go to court for a trial for trespassing at Caesars Casino in Las Vegas. The player had been evicted from the casino and other establishments several times before but had returned yet again until she was arrested. The player had been warned five times before.

According to Judge Marsha S. Berzon, “Plaintiff-Appellant Laurie Tsao is a so-called ‘advantage’ gambler — a professional gambler who uses legal techniques, such as card counting, to win at casino table games, especially blackjack.”

Tsao pleaded the Fourth Amendment claim and stated that the casino was violating her rights, but this option was ruled out by the courts. However, she did not have to pay her court fees and this was dropped.

The Court also declared “To show deliberate indifference, Tsao must demonstrate that Desert Palace was on actual or constructive notice that its omission would likely result in a constitutional violation. Only then does the omission become the functional equivalent of a decision by Desert Palace itself to violate the Constitution.”

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