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Is There a Call for a Campaign Against Lower Blackjack Payouts?

October 5th, 2012 by Site Admin

Recent news reports regarding the casino regulations in South Dakota reveal that the authorities have passed a regulation that lowers the payout rate for single blackjack games in regional casinos.

The South Dakota gaming commission has permitted casinos to issue lower payouts only for single blackjack games – as of now, other blackjack variants still retain their normal payout rates. This news has been greeted with disappointment from the blackjack community who are displeased that the casinos now have a chance to alter the payout from 3 to 2 to a new rate of 6 to 5 and give them lesser than what they were once entitled to receive.

This move has surprised the blackjack gaming community in South Dakota, because these Midwest gaming commissions once had to be encouraged and pushed to introduce higher payouts. However, now that one of these commissions is cutting the payout rate – it seems more like regression than progress.

Elliot Frome, a gaming analyst and author discussed the rule change of 6 to 5 from its once 3 to 2, “a blackjack occurs about once in 21 hands. This means on average you should be getting about 1.5 to 2 of them per hour. So, if you’re a $5 player, this means instead of winning $7.50 per blackjack, you only get $6…Assuming, you play properly, you would normally lose only about 70 cents an hour playing $5 single-deck blackjack. That just increased fourfold due to this rule change.”

Frome called for blackjack players to rally and not play at 6 to 5 casinos.

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