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DigiDeal Introduces Virtual Blackjack Party Pit At Revel

May 23rd, 2012 by Site Admin

DigiDeal, a company that specializes in providing electronic games, recently announced that it had launched a new virtual blackjack table game that had been implemented in Revel. This will allow players looking to enjoy virtual blackjack games to have access to these games at Revel.

These virtual blackjack games are called the “Party Pit” at Revel which has installed not just one electronic blackjack table but 14 of the DTS-V machines.

Revel is calling its set of virtual blackjack electronic table games the “DigiPit,” and it is sure to be an exciting option for players who use Revel. According to the company, “DigiPit is the high-energy zone that brings a new concept to life: digital gaming with a social twist. Though the games are digital, the experience is far from virtual. Engaging attendants assist with gaming, including blackjack and roulette, and set up side bonus bets. A center stage hosts artful dancers and other live entertainment.”

The electronic table is a DTS-V product and has been designed to take the common mistakes made by the blackjack dealer out of the equation. It also has raised the number of hands that players can use per hour and offers several more betting options.

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