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Deputy PM of Papua New Guinea Harassed Blackjack Dealer?

March 26th, 2012 by Site Admin

Reports are circulating about Belden Namah, the deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, stating that he had allegedly sexually harassed a blackjack dealer and verbally abused casino employees at the Star Casino.

Although, Namah is denying all charges that he had misbehaved at the Star Casino, there are 5 incident reports describing the events as it happened at the casino, some of which mention Namah by name. Reportedly, Namah had harassed a blackjack dealer and was then removed from the casino for being drunk and disorderly. This incident took place in 2011, but the Star Casino readmitted Namah despite the track record and incident reports allegedly because the opposition MP had planned to spend a fortune worth hundreds of thousands gambling with his friends at the Star Casino.

However, Namah is denying that he is the person mentioned in these reports. According to Greg Sheppard, lawyer to Belden Namah, ”Until we are provided with the incident reports in question, Mr. Namah is unable to comment further on how his name appears on these reports, except to say that if it does, they are mistaken,” he said.

According to the incident reports made by the Star Casino staff, Namah and his gambling friends had been very intoxicated and were requested to stop drinking while they were in the high roller room.

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