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Blackjack Player Don Johnson Wins $17.1 Million at Atlantic Casinos

February 11th, 2012 by Site Admin

Don Johnson occupies the top place in the list of high earning blackjack players in 2011, compiled by Ace Ten. Johnson’s total blackjack earnings, comprising money won at three casinos based in Atlantic City, equal $17.1 million.

According to Ace Ten, Johnson won $2 million playing blackjack last month at Tropicana Casino. Johnson is a professional blackjack player, not just one of those amateurs who get lucky once in a while.

Johnson says that he aims to prove to all land casinos in Atlantic City that he is quite capable of making them miserable. He plans to pay another visit to the casinos and has claimed that he will make headlines again for beating the house. Johnson is one of the most highly confident players around, which is quite understandable as he wins more than $17 million annually playing blackjack.

Johnson began winning at Tropicana Casino back in December 2010, and soon he had won a total of $15.1 million at Tropicana Casino as well as Borgata Casino. Besides, he won an extra $2 million in Oct 2011, making his total winnings $17.1 million.

Discussing Johnson’s success, blackjack experts say that offering high stakes blackjack in casinos is risky because players can get quite lucky.

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