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Blackjack Player Becomes Aggressive, Starts Knife Battle

April 30th, 2012 by Site Admin

A recent news story discussing a blackjack player, who got very violent at the table when he began to lose, makes online blackjack games and online casinos seem to be the safer option

The blackjack player in question was 64 years old and was playing at an American casino, when he grew increasingly frustrated and agitated perhaps that his luck had not turned and since he was not winning. The player got so angry that he threatened his opponent and stated that he would decapitate him and place his head on a stick in front of the casino they were playing at. The police were called to the scene and the player who was becoming even more aggressive was taken away after a struggle. Eventually, the police managed to subdue the player and get him off the scene and arrest him.

The player was involved in a blackjack tournament and as a result had to play against other opponents. For those players who would prefer to enjoy the safety of casino gambling, perhaps playing blackjack online would be the best idea. Blackjack is a game that requires mental calmness, good concentration and some mathematical skill. It would appear that the 64 year old blackjack player may have lacked in all those departments

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