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Blackjack Cheater Finally Apprehended After a Decade

June 1st, 2012 by Site Admin

Cheating at blackjack may get you banned from casinos if you are caught card counting but when you embezzles thousands of dollars to pay for your gambling addiction and blackjack games, you are setting yourself up for more than a hard rap on the knuckles.

A blackjack player and gambler from Australia was accused to have embezzled funds from his employers for the purpose of paying for his gambling addiction. However, the player was never caught for stealing – the total amount of which was $300,000. Surprisingly, it was his gambling addiction that did him in eventually, as the player was noticed almost a decade later when he was found to have won an online blackjack competition and has his name exposed in the gambling news. This helped the authorities locate the thief and arrest him.

The player had embezzled funds from his employers over the course of 2 years and authorities wee unable to trace how the player had spent around $100,000 of the money he had stolen. The authorities noted that the player had spend nearly $200K on casino and blackjack gambling at different casinos in Australia. It is believed that the remaining money could have been used in underground gambling games and as a result in untraceable.

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