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Vegas – Out With Blackjack, In With Disneyland?

May 3rd, 2011 by Site Admin

News reports indicate that Las Vegas is going through a change of face – the city which was well known for its gambling is now going to better known for its Disneyland and for entertaining people in a totally different way.

While going on joy rides on Disneyland can get your adrenaline going as much as gambling, this change of face was long overdue for Las Vegas. Some big personalities who never thought this change would happen are very surprised now that they have been proved wrong. According to statistics, the number of people who have been investing into gaming at Las Vegas has been decreasing over the last three years. This shows that the interest of Vegas as the players at blackjack tables have declined – perhaps due to the rising popularity of online casinos.

While the hold of blackjack and gambling decreases in the Sin City, more people will be going to Las Vegas to spend some fun time with their families. So instead of people seeing grand casinos at Las Vegas it is going to be grand joy rides and adventure rides.

While some people are of this opinion that Las Vegas could have a change of face others are completely against it and people who have visited the place on a regular basis say this news is just a farce and it can never happen to Las Vegas. Given, how long gambling has been part of the city it is extremely difficult for it to hold up an essence of anything else. Despite the prospect of Disneyland cropping up in Vegas, some blackjack players believe nothing can change the face of Vegas – and so blackjack tables and casinos might hold forever.

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