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US Target Stores With Illegal Video Blackjack Games

March 11th, 2011 by Site Admin

The gaming laws in the United States are not clearly defined and this leaves room for a lot of confusion and error. In addition to this, denying players the opportunity to play games like blackjack has several of them resorting to playing it in secret.

In Georgia, for instance where the gambling laws are clear to an extent, several stores are coming under the radar of the state authorities for hosting illegal blackjack video games. The latest to fall to this axe was a small relatively non-descript convenience store based in Augusta, Georgia. The store was subjected to surprise raid by local authorities from the county Sheriff’s Office after they were tipped off by an anonymous source about the activities therein. The store reportedly had several video blackjack games operating illegally at the back of the shop and police were able to seize cash worth $100,000 from the games. The shop owner will be facing plenty of charges and a possible multiple year sentence. During the raid, the shop was full of customers waiting to buy lottery tickets as the store was reputed to be very lucky. It was noted that the store owner could have been ignorant of the fact that the blackjack video games were illegal.

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