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Mohegan Sun Casino Withdraws Lawsuit Against Blackjack Player

August 15th, 2011 by Site Admin

The Mohegan Sun Casino has been in the news for pursuing a lawsuit against a blackjack player who played high roller games in the casino. The Casino claimed that the player owed them $1.2 million in blackjack debts.

As of now, they have announced that they have withdrawn their suit. The matter has been settled out of court and it still remains unknown as to whether the blackjack player paid up or the casino withdrew.

Jerome Powers, the blackjack player is a cable TV executive from Florida had claimed that the casino had attached his assets without right. Powers had reportedly made out several checks to the casino from accounts that were later closed; he had also stopped several checks.

Andrew Houlding, a lawyer for the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority said, “There will be no comment except that the matter is settled…The plaintiff’s action is withdrawn as to all defendants without costs to any party.”

It was also reported by the Associated Press that Powers had other lawsuits against his name, including one involving unpaid debts worth $1 million line at the Atlantic City Trump Taj Mahal and yet another at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

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