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Mike Vrabel Arrested For Stealing Beer While Playing Blackjack

May 13th, 2011 by Site Admin

The NFL and its players are known for many things but despite this, the recent antics of Mike Vrabel surprised sports fans and the blackjack community alike. Vrabel stole a can of beer from a blackjack casino while playing at the blackjack tables – his reason: because he was thirsty.

Blackjack is generally considered to be gentleman’s game and has its own rules of etiquette; however, Mike Vrabel stealing beer from a Casino’s deli is surprising to say the least.

Mike Vrabel, the linebacker for Kansas City Chiefs, was arrested for stealing beer at Belterra Casino in Florence, Indiana. Vrabel was allegedly involved in stealing eight bottles of beer from the casino’s deli and the incident occurred when the star was playing at one of the blackjack game tables.

According to reports, the player was playing blackjack and had already requested for beer twice, and had not been served as yet. While beer is a free drink for players at a blackjack table game, Mike Vrabel got sucked into a twist of fate and was not served any drinks. Vrabel may not have understood that only beer served at the table was free and then went to grab a drink for himself and his blackjack table mates from the casino’s deli. This move was recorded by the casino’s CCTV cameras and a security agent which led to his arrest later.

Mike Vrabel posted a $600 bail but he is still facing charges of Class-D felony and a possible three year prison term along with a $10,000 fine. Although this sounds serious, Vrabel is positive about this matter being resolved and dismisses it calling it a miscommunication.

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