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Jerry Powers Agrees to Pay Back What He Lost At Blackjack

April 22nd, 2011 by Site Admin

Despite being the chairman and CEO of Plum TV, Jerry Powers had been avoiding paying back the $1.2 million that he had lost at the Mohegan Sun playing Blackjack. Now he has finally agreed to pay it back.

Jerry Powers had been avoiding the claims and had even filed for legal claims to avoid paying this sum of money for about eighteen months. Jerry Powers had been claiming that the Mohegan Sun had no right to file a case on him regarding the money since it is a sovereign Indian nation and that by allowing a person to lose $1.2 million on credit at gambling they had entered an illegal gambling contract.

A spokesperson blamed the issues that Jerry Powers is facing on a period of his life when he was involved in substance abuse; however no reason has been cited for his lack of responsibility and incapability to own up to his actions.

Jerry Powers is a businessman, and he had made a small fortune by selling Ocean Drive Magazine to Greenspun Media Group in which he made $33 million. After that he invested in Plum TV and about five months ago he took over as Chairman and CEO of Plum TV. Since then he has been moving the company into new ventures like luxury magazines, which is much beyond TV.

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