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Carnival Casino Games Steal Blackjack Player Traffic

November 27th, 2011 by Site Admin

According to a recent report, carnival casino games are making it tight for casino blackjack tables and are puling away a bit of the traffic. These carnival casino games include the non-traditional casino games and involve games like Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Three Card Poker.

A report from Jacobson Gaming, a game and casino edge analyst company, indicated that there has been a move from blackjack to carnival games over the past 10 years. He also mentioned that many casinos have been swapping the traditional table games for these carnival games. The main reason for this is that the carnival games are more appealing and have a bigger house edge, allowing the casinos to make more money.

Another factor is that the traditional blackjack game may be slowly losing its appeal. Some blackjack fans admit that the game of blackjack sometimes loses its appeal and needs to be altered and modified to appeal to a new generation of players. Joe Awada has developed a type of free draw blackjack side bet to make the game more interesting while Ray Abuan created a whole new blackjack games called Lucky 9. In this game, both blackjack and baccarat come together.

The younger generation wants a lot of color and fun in their games and the traditional game fails to provide it, as a result of which players move to carnival games like Blackjack Switch.

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