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Burglar Blows up Stolen Money on Blackjack

February 18th, 2011 by Site Admin

Dale Eugene Jasper recently proved that his ability to rob people was just as poor as his ability to win at blackjack.

A resident of Edgerton in Minnesota, Jasper visited a Pipestone Country church on Sunday to identify vacant houses. A Pipestone County Deputy observed him walk out of church while the service was still on and make his way to the house of a parishioner. The deputy spoke to Jasper for sometime, after which Jasper drove off to another house and was caught in one of the bedrooms.

The owner of the house later discovered the absence of two $2 bills, which he had placed on the table. Later, Jasper confessed that he had stolen only $4 from that house. Jasper visited another house and stole $30 before calling it a day. He then blew it all up on blackjack games at a casino in Redwood Falls.

Jasper was later arrested and was booked on 3 charges of burglary. In 2009, Jasper had been charged with theft and burglary in Nobles County and was even imprisoned for 45 days before being released on probation. In 2010, he was booked on 9 charges of passing bad checks in Nobles, Lyon, Pipestone, Murray, and Rock.

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