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Blackjack Champion from MIT Now Builds Flying Cars

January 18th, 2011 by Site Admin

Blackjack players, and blackjack champions in particular are rarely people of ordinary intelligence. Instead most blackjack champions tend to be stars in their own right and excel in some field or another. Today, the blackjack community has champions who are authors, chess players, sports stars and business bigwigs. This is exactly the case with Semyon Dukach, who was once a blackjack champion from MIT. Dukach was also a celebrated member of the famous MIT blackjack team that won thousands of dollars from the blackjack tables in Las Vegas by using card counting strategies. Dukach raked himself a good bankroll during the 1980s when he was playing blackjack and got involved in schemes like Strategic Investments. Dukach continued to play blackjack until the 1990s and was known to be using advanced blackjack game plays.

Today, Semyon Dukach has moved into the arena of building flying cars and is the director of a company he calls Terrafugia. Currently, he is making more by making flying cars than he is by playing the blackjack tables in Las Vegas; although he does play the occasional blackjack game.

Semyon Dukach has left behind his pursuit of blackjack in favour of software and internet related products and of course flying cars. He is now involved in building a four person flying car.

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