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Blackjack Champ Discusses List of Methods for Cheating at Online Blackjack

March 23rd, 2011 by Site Admin

Blackjack Champ, a site that discuses blackjack games and developments in the online blackjack industry, recently published an article describing methods of cheating at online blackjack.

The two most popular and successful methods of cheating at online blackjack were highlighted. The first involved the use of bots to determine the best possible approach to managing the cards that the player has been dealt. Bots have been designed to coach or instruct players and tell them when to double, fold, hit or split. Cheaters who use bots at the blackjack tables will bring down the casino’s edge to a difference of 0.5%.

Another method involved the use of software designed to alter the working of the random number generator in the game. This has to be customized for each game and use programs that calculate the shuffle and patterns in dealing cards. Such blackjack cheating methods will lessen the edge that the casino has over a player and allows gamers to exploit the game for their benefit. This is a popular form of software used by cheaters and can be easily purchase online, much to the dismay of ethical blackjack players and casino sites.

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