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Armed Robbers Attack Blackjack Tournament Taking 5 Million Euros

April 18th, 2011 by Site Admin

Luxemburg has only one legal casino, and unfortunately for all the blackjack players who frequent it, it was Casino 2000 that was the target of armed robbers. The robbers disrupted a blackjack tourney and escaped with around three to five million Euros as loot.

The four robbers carried AK-47 machine guns and scared blackjack players and gamblers in the casino by firing at the ceiling and disrupting the blackjack tournament at 2 am in the morning. People present at the casino said that it looked like a scene from a Hollywood movie where the ski-masked robbers made the blackjack players lie on the floor and broke the bullet proof glass to collect the loot. Two casino employees were held as hostages by the robbers to facilitate their escape. The culprits sped away in a BMW, letting go of the hostages once they were outside. The police are unsure of the amount that has been stolen, but it ranges from 3 to 5 million Euros.

Although, casino robberies are rare, they are happening too frequently for comfort. After the Bellagio, it would seem Casino 2000 was next in line. Blackjack players will be better advised to play online blackjack from home.

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