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Nothile Mlita Emerges Best Blackjack Dealer at TSG Competition

December 2nd, 2010 by Site Admin

The panel of judges at the Tsogo Sun Gaming (TSG) competition selected 24-year-old Nothile Mlita of Ntuzuma as “best blackjack dealer.”

Mlita hardly has any experience in the gaming industry, having entered it in 2004. The TSG competition of this year was the first time she competed against 13 other blackjack dealers from seven casinos all over the country.

Mlita, who works as a blackjack dealer at the Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World, was selected to participate in this competition by her managers and supervisors because she had emerged second best in the internal competitions conducted by the company. Speaking about her recent achievement, Mlita said that she is proud of it although the competition was very stressful and the judges were experienced blackjack dealers.

The TSG competition tested dealers’ aptitude for roulette as well as blackjack, and each participant was placed on a 1 – 4 scale for accuracy, customer relations, chip handling, skill, grooming, speed, table attentiveness, and versatility. Blackjack dealers do not need to know blackjack strategies because their moves are governed by blackjack rules and not mathematical probabilities. The competition did not examine their knowledge of blackjack lingo separately, although it might been a part of customer relationships and skills.

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