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Las Vegas Loses Blackjack Player Traffic from California

October 15th, 2010 by Site Admin

Las Vegas has earned itself the title of being the gaming centre of the United States and is known to attract hundreds of blackjack players from all over the country. However, current reports indicate that the blackjack and casino game traffic from Vegas’ border state of California has dwindled down to almost nothing after the region opened up casinos on the Native American land there.

Blackjack players from California who once used to make trips to Vegas to try their luck at the green tables there, now no longer have to do so, on account of the new casinos springing up in the state of California. All this began with the new gaming laws being issued which made it possible for players in California to gamble in their state rather than traveling all the way to Nevada to do it. Although California has always had casinos in the region, these gaming places were not allowed to host blackjack games until the new laws.

California now has quite a few existing casinos and upcoming gaming projects on Native American reservations located within the state. The state is now being cultivated with casinos, hotels and gambling complexes from San Diego to the San Francisco Bay Area.

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