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Jackpotjoy Introduces Atlantic City Blackjack

November 25th, 2010 by Site Admin

Atlantic City, America’s second-largest gambling centers after Las Vegas, has inspired the latest blackjack variant introduced at Jackpotjoy.com, giving all the online blackjack enthusiasts at the site a chance to enjoy classic blackjack with a unique Atlantic twist.

Called Atlantic City Blackjack, the new variant is the classic game of blackjack modified to enhance player odds. The game allows players to split pairs of equal value even if they belong to different suits thrice so that players can manage five hands simultaneously. The most delightful thing about this rule is that it gives players the multi-hand blackjack experience.

The variant also permits players to double on any two cards, which means that they can double their bets and get another card if they are confident about the value of the two cards in hand. Another great feature of Atlantic City Blackjack is the rule of early surrender, allowing players to lose half their bets and leave after they have seen their hands.

Fraser Linkleter, the head of Jackpotjoy Casino, said that an online casino such as Jackpotjoy can afford to be generous about allowing players to surrender if they find themselves stuck with a bad hand because it can accommodate unlimited number of players.

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