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DEQ Launches Unique Bad Beat Blackjack Progressive

November 29th, 2010 by Site Admin

DEQ Systems, a reputed provider of blackjack and table betting table bonus technology and jackpot solutions, recently announced the launch of a special bad beat progressive solution. This offering is called Bad Beat Blackjack Progressive and allows blackjack players to have an additional betting option of an electronic wager on the side. Players will be able to earn money on this bet only if he or she gets a hand value of 20 and loses to the dealer’s hand of 21. The payout on this optional side bet will end on the amount of cards that the dealer has drawn; the more cards that have been pulled out will create the better payout. If there has been a seven card dealer hand- then the player will trigger the progressive jackpot.

Along with the release of the new Bad Beat Blackjack Progressive option, the company also announced that it had passed 11 new games which had been under testing for a 2 month trial basis.

According to Earle G. Hall, the President and Chief Executive Officer at DEQ, We have done countless hours of research, focus groups and testing on many blackjack concepts over the past five years. Many companies have experimented and improvised progressive blackjack concepts and all have failed. Bad Beat Blackjack Progressive…follows the same conceptual success that other great titles such as Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker and EZ Baccarat have done; that is to mirror the base game with a side bet that inherently is part of the game.”

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