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CryptoLogic Says Blackjack Player Traffic Has Caused Low Revenues

July 27th, 2010 by Site Admin

CryptoLogic Limited, the popular online gaming software provider recently announced that the sum of its revenues for the second quarter of the year did not look very promising. In comparison to the first quarter of the year, CryptoLogic’s revenues for 2010 will be lesser and the company claims that blackjack players have caused the drop in revenue.

Officials from CryptoLogic stated, “Despite the World Cup, casino revenue showed a modest gain quarter-on-quarter but was lower than anticipated due to a substantial swing in player preferences for Blackjack and Roulette.”

Whether this means that players have forsaken slots games for the blackjack tables making the CryptoLogic casinos lose out on their revenue or if it refers to players who have left the online blackjack and roulette tables in favor of other games is not yet certain. However, it is clear that blackjack players have had an impact on CryptoLogic Limited quarterly revenue. The online gaming community has been growing in strength and has increased the number of sites offering blackjack games on the web. Players from CryptoLogic may have left these tables to participate in the games hosted at newer sites. Also, since Cryptologic delayed its launch of Betsafe’s games it also lost out on revenue here.

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