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Cheaters and Stealers at the Blackjack Tables Increase in Number

August 30th, 2010 by Site Admin

News reports indicate that casinos and gaming houses appear to be nabbing a lot of blackjack cheats these days. However, this trend seems to have gone a step ahead as it would appear that criminals are targeting blackjack tables.

A recent incident reported by the Delaware Park gaming house involved a blackjack player who was caught cheating at the blackjack tables. Clifton Shaw did not seem to have any scruples whatsoever when it came to wagers and was caught red handed removing chips from his losing bets and adding chips to the ones he would win on. After Shaw was arrested, the state police found forged currency notes on him along with fake driver’s licenses. Shaw now faces 26 charges and imprisonment.

A Puerto Rico Casino was the target of a robbery this week, when four thieves wearing masks broke into the facility at 11 pm and drew weapons. The robbers held up the casino at gun point while standing on a blackjack table and took $250,000 in cash.

“A lot of people were nervous. This is not common. It is not something that we experience with any frequency,” said Hendrick Santos, managing director of the casino in Puerto Rico.

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