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Casino Sues Publisher of Blackjack Brawl Videos on YouTube

December 9th, 2010 by Site Admin

Two YouTube videos of blackjack players fighting insides the Lucky Chances Casino, located in California, have tarnished its public image, owing to which the casino has sued the person responsible, whose identity is not yet known.

Initially, it was reported that the two YouTube videos titled “Casino Fight 333” and “Casino Fight 555” were captured via mobile phone. However, certain features of the videos, especially the gaming floor view and the time code, suggest that they were recorded by the CCTV security cameras of the blackjack casino.

While “Casino Fight 555” shows two customers wrestling on the floor near a blackjack table, “Casino Fight 333” (Video has been removed from YouTube) shows a fight in a larger room. The casino, however, is least bothered about how the videos were filmed; instead, it is miffed about the fact that they were published without its permission. If the casino’s security cameras are indeed the sources of these videos, the matter could get really serious, especially since the operators say that business has suffered because of these videos, which imply that Lucky Chances Casino encourages customers who lack basic casino manners.

However, if the blackjack casino brawls resulted in any injuries or if bystanders were pulled into it, the blackjack casino might find itself being sued in turn.

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