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Blackjack Players Very Disappointed with Canada’s First Online Casino

August 2nd, 2010 by Site Admin

Many online blackjack players have been complaining about the PlayNow online casino, which went offline a few weeks after it was launched. Initially, a technical glitch caused by the rapid influx of player traffic was cited as the reason for it going off the internet and players had a nasty surprise when they tried to log into the site but found they could not.

However, now the truth has come to light that it was not technical glitch that shut down the site but a breach in security that allowed other players to access each others accounts. This error caused over 200 player accounts along with their personal and financial data to be compromised. The site is currently down until the problem is fully fixed while the BCLC claims that it is carefully monitoring funds in their player accounts. John, one of the blackjack players who had registered with PlayNow claims that the site has not yet started monitoring the accounts event though it has been weeks since the site went down. “The fact that it’s taken this long somewhat defeats the point. If information were to be exploited by a third party with malicious intentions, it would have happened fairly quickly,” he stated.

Another blackjack player Mike Reid, had $100 disappear out of his account, but had it refunded by the BCLC after he went to the press with his story.

PlayNow was the first online casino to be officially launched in Canada and is run by the British Columbia Lottery Commission or the BCLC .

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