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Blackjack Players Face Seven Years in Prison for Leaving Kids in Car

September 16th, 2010 by Site Admin

The state of Philadelphia appears to be having a lot of problems with the blackjack players that visit its brick and mortar casinos. After the casinos in Philadelphia added blackjack card tables to their gaming floors and offered blackjack games with new limits and buy-in to players, they have recorded an increasing number of blackjack players.

However, with the increase of blackjack players, the number of cheaters and negligent blackjack players has also been on the rise. One of the more recent problems that the casinos in Philadelphia has noticed is that parents are leaving their children locked in their cars, while running in to have a quick game of blackjack or slots. Some of these parents then forget about the time and end up staying longer than expected. At the Parx Casino, seven incidents have been reported and four arrests were made. Legislators are threatening to slap a third-degree felony rating on the offense, giving offenders a 7 year sentence.

PA casinos claim that the new law will scare customers, while others state that the Casinos should control the situation. Meanwhile, the only fail safe solution is for players who are so negligent with their children to play blackjack online, as the kids will be safer at home.

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