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Blackjack Player “Robin Hood” Gives Away £1 Million to Poor.doc

August 1st, 2010 by Site Admin

A mysterious but extremely noble blackjack player who goes by the name “Robin Hood” has been helping the needy by giving away his winnings. Unlike the legendary Robin Hood of yore, this gambler does not steal from the rich, but gives away money from his own winnings. So far, he has given away £1 Million to charity and families in need.

The Blackjack “Robin Hood” who is dating a Brazilian model has kept his identity a secret from the media but did comment about his love for the character. “I always loved the film Robin Hood. I thought if Robin could do that all those years ago I could do something similar.”

So far all we know about this big hearted gamer is that he is a 44 year old American who is quite skilled in blackjack. This modern day “Robin Hood” likes to play blackjack in Las Vegas and has a website where he encourages people in need to contact him. “I have done very well from gambling over the years and wanted to give something back to people who are less fortunate,” he added.

Some of the contributions that he has made include £35,000 to help a family pay for cancer treatment for their daughter, £20,000 to a family in debt who had used the funds to pay for medical treatment for their toddler who had a brain tumor.

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