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Blackjack Cheaters Using Grease Spots to Marks Cards Win $24,000 in 30 Minutes

October 20th, 2010 by Site Admin

The blackjack cheaters are at it again and a California casino recently reported one incident of cheating at its blackjack tables involving three people. The authorities managed to confiscate over $24,000 after the three co-conspirators were caught red handed on security camera. The incident occurred at the Turlock Poker Room when authorities noticed a blackjack player suddenly begin to win almost by magic after a long run of bad luck. It was later revealed after the security tapes were played back that the 71 year old Gabriel Urbieta Rodriguez had been working together with a card room supervisor and another accomplice to cheat at blackjack.

The three blackjack cheaters had been working together to mark the cards and managed to take in $24,000 within 30 minutes. Gabriel Urbieta Rodriguez had initially lost thousands of dollars while playing blackjack but after he began to cheat he won almost every one of his hands.

The dealer was suspicious and reported the incident; a check of the tapes revealed that a woman, Cha Say and Rodriguez worked together to mark several decks of cards with grease spots in different areas to indicate card values. Robert Younan, a card room supervisor also was involved in this and was responsible for seeing that it was these decks that were used repeatedly at the blackjack table where Gabriel Urbieta Rodriguez was playing.

Now all three cheaters face prison charges.

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