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Bilingual Blackjack Introduced at Buffalo Bill Casino

November 20th, 2010 by Site Admin

Blackjack enthusiasts can now speak Spanish as well as English while playing their favorite table game thanks to the recently introduced bilingual tables at the Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino.

Since the Latino community forms a major chunk of the US population, a number of gambling outfits are offering services in Spanish as well as English. Although Las Vegas casinos are slow to make the required change, Herbst Gaming, which owns the Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino, which is situated 35 miles from Las Vegas, has decided to offer bilingual services.

The bilingual blackjack tables at this casino have dealers who can converse fluently in both languages, which makes the casino the only place in Las Vegas where Spanish speakers can play blackjack comfortably. According to Michael Starr, who is the executive vice president at Primm Valley Casino Resorts, the introduction of the bilingual tables enables the casino to serve a huge chunk of the gambling population.

Maria Macedo, one of the supervisors at the bilingual tables, said that she has never seen Spanish-speaking blackjack enthusiasts enjoying blackjack the way they are doing now throughout her career of 26 years. Encouraged by the success of its bilingual blackjack tables, the casino might go entirely bilingual soon.

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