Desert Diamond Casino West Valley to Get Blackjack

May 19th, 2017 by Site Admin

This week it was announced that the Tohono O’odham Nation and Arizona have come to an agreement that will let the Desert Diamond Casino West Valley offer blackjack to their customers.

The agreement settles a multi-year legal battle that’s raged between the tribe and the state, and will likely give the casino an extra boost, as the site is located near major sports stadiums.

Under the terms of the deal the casino will get a Class III designation, which includes slot machines, blackjack, and poker games. The deal has to be signed off by the Trump administration but is thought to have high odds of passing.

In a statement, Tohono O’odham Nation Chairman Edward Manuel said, “This is a day the Nation has long been working toward. It establishes an agreement concerning the Nation’s right to conduct Class III gaming on its West Valley land and it brings to an end the final dispute that was constraining this important project. The Nation is eager to continue with its West Valley investment to create thousands of new jobs, positive economic development, and a world-class casino resort that all of Arizona can be proud of.”

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Florida Loses Blackjack Case in Federal Court

January 2nd, 2017 by Site Admin

An ongoing legal saga between the state of Florida and the Seminole Indian Tribe ended last week when a federal judge declined to re-evaluate his position on the case, where he noted the Sunshine State violated the terms of a compact with the Seminoles to allow them exclusive rights to offer blackjack in their casinos.

That ruling gave the Seminoles a 15 year extension on exclusive blackjack rights in Florida, and although the state sought a reversal of ruling from the judge, he declined, noting that: “The original opinion correctly analyzes the issues.”

In 2010 the Seminoles and Florida entered a 5 year agreement that gave the tribe’s casinos exclusive rights to offer shoe style casino games. That deal expired in 2015, but the Seminoles claimed Florida violated the contract by allowing dog and horse racing tracks to offer electronic versions of the games. Despite attempts on both sides to strike a deal, none was forthcoming, and the tribe continued to offer games in their casinos, causing Florida to seek an injunction.

That case was eventually ruled on in November in the tribe’s favor, and the December decision by Judge Hinkle confirmed the decision. The only thing the state can do now is to appeal to a higher court and hope for the best, although for the time being, blackjack will continue to be offered in Seminole casinos.

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Playtech Launches New Blackjack Game ’21+3′

September 1st, 2016 by Site Admin

Internet betting giant Playtech has announced the release of their newest blackjack game 21+3, which is being licensed from Games Marketing.

The game allows players to place a side bet on their traditional round of blackjack, and brings an element of poker to the game as well. The game sees two cards dealt in a traditional blackjack hand, with a third card being the dealer’s up card. The sees players attempting to form a poker hand from those three cards, and will pay out if a straight, flush, three of a kind, suited three of a kind, or straight flush are unveiled.

Games Marketing currently holds the exclusive rights to the game, meaning that only licensed providers are legally allowed to offer the game to casino operators.

The game will be deployed as part of Playtech’s live dealer platform, which sees players participating in real world games that are broadcast over the internet from a game studio.

Commenting on the release Playtech Head of Live Casino Innovation Kevin Kilminster said, “The 21+3 side bet is a great addition to the classic live casino Blackjack game and puts the excitement of poker into every hand.”

“It will appeal both to those players who are familiar with either card game, as well as new customers who have never played Blackjack before, and we’re delighted to offer even more chances to win.”


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Player Posts Funny Live Blackjack Video

August 18th, 2016 by Site Admin

This week a punter posted a video to YouTube which shows him pranking a series of live blackjack dealers using the name P. Ness.

The video has been seen more than 1.5 million times on YouTube, and has Peter Ness using his abbreviated name to solicit laughs from the dealers who have to recite the name over the webcast. Many of the dealers end up busting out laughing, while others simply smirk, and some seem oblivious to the name at all.

Those interested in viewing the video can do so below:


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Man Robs Bank to Continue Playing Blackjack

August 5th, 2016 by Site Admin

Occasionally you hear of a blackjack player chasing his or her losses, but nothing can compare to the tale of Kerry Johnson, who after a bad run went and robbed a bank before returning to continue playing the classic card game.

Johnson was at the Mardi Gras Casino in Washington state when he started gambling at 10am, leaving after he busted out at about 3pm. Unfortunately, Johnson was not finished with the game, and he proceeded to City National Bank, where he robbed the teller for cash. He then returned to the casino to continue playing.

As to how Johnson pulled off the robbery, Lieutenant Steve Cooper said, “He entered the bank, he presented a demand note and robbed the bank of an undisclosed amount of cash.”

Johnson was caught when it was discovered that he owned a green Mazda Miata, the same car used in the robbery. When police arrived to his house to interrogate him, they also noticed an out of place couch cushion, which had a large stack of currency hidden underneath.

The defendant is being held with a $50,000 cash bond, and could face 20 years in prison for felony bank robbery.

Blackjack Online will update this story as more details emerge.

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Blackjack Dealer Charged With Overpaying Players

July 5th, 2016 by Site Admin

This week a blackjack dealer at the Sands Casino Resort in Pennsylvania was charged with theft and intent to defraud after it was reported he overpaid players on the popular casino game.

The defendant in the case is Sergio Sanchez-Roman, who lives in Allentown, and was found to have been overpaying players to the tune of roughly $2,200. He was found to have been overpaying toke bets, which are tips for blackjack dealers. The supposed theft took place from a period of June 12th through the 14th.

Sanchez-Roman was indicted in court and released on $5,000 bond, of which he posted 10%.

Blackjack Online will update this story as we learn more of the charges.

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Captain America’s Chris Evans Plays Frozen Blackjack With Jimmy Fallon

May 16th, 2016 by Site Admin

Captain America himself Chris Evans dropped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and ended up playing Frozen Blackjack with the show’s host.

Frozen Blackjack is a concoction dreamed up by the show’s producers, wherein players go through a standard hand of blackjack, but where the loser ends up getting a pitcher of ice water poured down their pants.

The three round game began with Evans taking the first hand, pouring ice cold water down Fallon’s pants through a funnel that resembled a beer bong. Fallon struck back in the second round as he and Evans pushed, but Cap ended up taking the loss, getting his willy chilly in the process.

The third hand saw Evans also busting out, and this time, the producers brought out a five-gallon bucket of ice water, which ended up spilling all over the superhero, who seems shocked at how cold the water is.

A video of the game has been published to YouTube, and can be viewed below:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


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Punter Wins £19,455 Blackjack Jackpot at Grosvenor Sheffield Casino

April 26th, 2016 by Site Admin

Recently a punter at Grosvenor Casino Sheffield won a blackjack jackpot for a large £19,455 cash prize.

The big winner isCarol Errington, who scored the win after she placed a sidebet in which she and the dealer both had to hold Ace King suited pairs. The bet hit, and she ended up taking home the large jackpot. The house edge in the game sits at over 19%, while master seed contribution is 4.45%, fixed pay contribution is 55.64%, and the envy bonus contribution rate is 2.74%

Under the terms of the sidebet, all other players at the table who placed sidebets on the hand also walked away with a £500 bonus payout.

Commenting on her big win Carol said, “It came as a huge shock, I couldn’t believe it. I’m planning on spending some of the money on taking the grandchildren on a holiday abroad.”

Grosvenor Sheffield General Manager Ian Turver also commented, noting: “It’s always nice to have a big win in the casino as it creates a really exciting atmosphere and we hope we can get many more players walking away with the jackpot.”

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Three Blackjack Tournaments Open for This Weekend

April 8th, 2016 by Site Admin

This weekend three different US friendly casinos are offering blackjack tournaments to their customers, two offering $500 in prizes and the other offering a whopping $4,000.

The tournaments are being held at Lincoln Casino and Miami Club Casino with $500 in prizes. Both casinos are generally well regarded among players, with Miami Club holding a slight edge for its fast and reliable payout history.

The Lincoln tournament is dubbed Weekly Blackjack, as it is held every week. In this tournament, players buy in for $5 and are granted $125 in chips. Players are allowed unlimited rebuys at $5 per rebuy. The tournament ends Sunday.

The Miami Club Casino blackjack tournament is named Blackjack Winner, and features a $3 buy-in which gives you $100 in chips. Unlimited rebuys are also available, coming in at $2 each. This tournament also ends on Sunday.

The biggest of the tournaments is VIP Black Jack at Drake Casino. The tournament has a $4,000 prize pool, and runs for more than just the weekend. The buy-in for this tournament is $25, which gets you the required chips to begin participating. Unlimited rebuys are also provided in this game.

Blackjack tournaments are a popular, if somewhat limited experience within US friendly online casinos, as many sites continue to focus on the slot market. Thus, it is good to see that there are still a few sites offering large scale tournaments, and we look forward to hearing how you do at the tournaments this weekend.

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Intertops and Juicy Stakes Offering Blackjack Contest

March 10th, 2016 by Site Admin

Blackjack players at Intertops and Juicy Stakes Casino are getting ready to compete for a large $2,000 cash prize competition, which will run between March 7th through the 15th.

Players taking part in the competition will earn points on the games Blackjack, Face Up 21, Double Draw, and Perfect Pair. Those who score a natural blackjack will earn 1 point for every dollar wagered on the hand. At the end of the tournament the 30 players with the highest number of points will split the $2,000 purse, with the top point earner winning $300.

The competition is not just exclusive to blackjack though, as players will have the ability to earn points playing video poker, where a Big Suite will earn 300 points for every dollar wagered on the game. Roulette is also up for grabs when players get five straight wins on low numbers (1-18), high numbers (18-36) or by hitting every number on the reels at least once.

The contest runs from the 7th through the 15th exclusively at Juicy Stakes and Intertops Casino.

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